Blankenship blames Trump for loss

The other $2 billion would come out of the Child Enrollment Contingency Fund, which guarantees that state-level CHIP programs will have access to extra funds, should enrollment come in higher than expected.

That’s in contrast to the direction taken by Republican voters after the last time they were swept out of power in 2008.

In West Virginia, of course, “Cocaine Mitch” happened.

Morrisey now enters the general election campaign with just $800,000 in cash on hand, based on the latest figures available from the Center for Responsive Politics, compared with Manchin’s $5.3 million war chest.

Blankenship told CNN he believed a Monday morning tweet from President Donald Trump calling for voters to reject him played a large role in his loss of the race. Gibbons raised funds for Trump’s presidential campaign. “When you’re voting for me, you’re voting for the sake of the kids”.

They were also concerned that the controversies surrounding Blankenship might spread to other key battlegrounds, dragging down Republican candidates across the country. The first big indicator came past year in the Virginia gubernatorial elections, when the focus was on a Clinton-Sanders style primary. But with a chance to pick up a seat that has been Democratic since the Eisenhower administration (when former Klansman Robert Byrd won the seat), the GOP faced the nightmare scenario of blowing that chance, owing to picking an unelectable nominee in the primary.

Gubernatorial candidates Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie shake hands before a debate in Washington on September 19.

Take Tuesday’s primary results across four states.

The two most contested spots were the Republican nomination for the Senate and the Democratic nomination for governorship.

The Mountain State Republican won a heated primary on Tuesday, defeating U.S. Rep. Evan Jenkins and Don Blankenship, the former coal baron who mounted an insurgent campaign for the nomination after emerging from a year in prison following his conviction for conspiring to violate mine safety laws.

Republicans turned out in greater numbers than Democrats in Tuesday’s primary. Sherrod Brown, who faced no primary opposition in his bid for a third term.

“We think the fella who was nominated carries some pretty substantial liabilities”, said Sen.

He asked Manchin if he would want the controversial Blankenship’s support.

Morrisey won the Senate primary with 35 percent of the vote (47,002). But Blankenship, free to spend as much as he desires, has far outspent his opponents, reportedly buying $640,000 of TV time in the past week alone.

Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun thanks supporters Tuesday night. GOP voters in IN, meanwhile, chose wealthy businessman Mike Braun over two sitting congressmen to lead the party’s charge against a vulnerable Democratic senator in the fall. In one of his ads, Braun walked around with cardboard cutouts of his two opponents, asking ordinary Indianans if they could tell the difference (they couldn’t); another ad fictionalized the three candidates as grade-school children, with the kid versions of Messer and Rokita in suits and ties, campaigning for their classmates’ votes-“When I’m in Congress, maybe one of you will be my driver. See?”

Contrast that with how Democrats have handled their Senate races. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Speaking Tuesday night at his Charleston headquarters, he said he expects Trump to get involved in the contest, despite Manchin’s “good relationship” with the president.

Even in their longer shot races, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) had an easy primary victory to face Sen.

He and the party’s candidates for attorney general, secretary of state, auditor, treasurer and state Supreme Court vowed to lay out November as a choice between a party that works for average people and one that caters to special interests.

AG Patrick Morrisey wins Republican nomination for US Senate seat in W.Va.