Bill Cosby’s defense says ‘so-called victim’ was after comedian’s money

The first trial hinged mostly on the testimony of one Cosby accuser, Andrea Constand, who says Cosby drugged her and violated her in 2004 at his home in suburban Philadelphia.

Bill Cosby leaving the Montgomery County Courthouse.

Intention in a case like this can come up in cross-examinations, but Cosby could simply continue to insist that he sought not to sedate Constand but to simply give her something that would soothe her.

Constand outlined her scheme to a Temple colleague, Marguerite Jackson, Mesereau said. Mesereau has said that while Cosby was “foolish” to have a relationship with a much younger woman, especially as a married man, it does not make him a criminal. “But I wasn’t threatened, and I didn’t judge him”.

Dickinson, 27 at the time, testified she felt vaginal pain and, after waking up the next morning, noticed semen between her legs.

Earlier Wednesday, Lasha sobbed on the witness stand as she described allegedly being attacked by Cosby in 1986 in the so-called Elvis Presley suite of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. “You’re supposed to help me be successful”.

“I trusted him”, Constand said. I assumed they were a natural remedy.

She said she prayed in her vehicle in the parking lot, and told her guidance counselor and her sister what had happened.

Bill Cosby’s chief accuser has told his sexual assault retrial she is seeking justice.

“I hadn’t told anybody anything”, she testified Wednesday. I thought maybe he was feeling down.

“I’d love to see if he thinks he’s going to prove any of this”, Troiani told The Associated Press.

“Since this American citizen didn’t adhere to Ms. Allred’s ransom notice, she paraded in a stable of women to destroy his legacy, his career and reputation”, Wyatt said.

“It was just my mistake”, she replied when asked why she said first that the assault took place in March, the night they dined at a Chinese restaurant, rather than January, the night she hadn’t eaten. “My vagina was being penetrated quite forcefully. So I just talked to him and while he was unpacking the cart I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and he was just doing his thing”, Constand continued. The combination immobilized her and rendered her unable to speak.

Telling the court that she didn’t understand what was happening, Lublin said, “I didn’t have the power to move or get up”. Constand said she blacked out. She recalled her time working with the now-disgraced Cosby as a “wonderful experience”.

“I never said a word and all that he said was ‘There’s a muffin and a tea on the table.’ And ‘alright’”.

Cosby’s team immediately moved for a mistrial after the remark.

However Judge Steven O’Neill ruled that the amount, previously kept confidential, could be revealed to the jury in the course of the new trial.

The attorney told the jury that Constand confided on Jackson about the alleged sexual assault but backed down on her claims when challenged.

Constand said Cosby would regularly call her to ask about the status of Temple’s sports teams.

“It was a very, very short visit and I wanted to get some information– which he would not volunteer to me, which was ‘What did you give me and why did you do this?’” “I told the father of the child he was the father of my daughter”. “You already know the answer: money, money and lots more money”, he said.

Cosby’s lead defense attorney Tom Mesereau was able to start establishing a history of financial problems, which he made clear in his opening statement on Tuesday is the reason Constand sought out a relationship with Bill Cosby and ultimately falsely accused the wealthy comedian and university trustee of sexual assault.

She said she wanted to recount the trip for her mother and agent but destroyed it years later after seeing a psychiatrist.

At another meeting, he reached over and tried to unbutton her trousers but stopped when she leaned forward and gestured she “was not interested”, she said. She said Cosby helped her lie down on a couch.

But Mesereau told jurors that a former co-worker at Temple University claims Constand confided that she “could set-up a celebrity” in exchange for money.

Cosby has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing