Bill Cook, Jr. named Superintendent-Elect of Rock Hill Schools

The budget that was advanced at Monday’s meeting is $72,000 less than the original municipal budget proposal that councilors rejected 3-4 at the start of the meeting.

The results of a superintendent search survey and a review of district and school strategic plans are on the agenda for tonight’s Kershaw County Board of School Trustees meeting.

The building will be initially used to expand the district’s Little Panthers Preschool program, said Dr. Jami Jo Thompson, superintendent of schools.

It’s been less than two weeks since the Scranton School Board met to pass its approved balanced budget for 2018, but apparently, people still wanted to talk about it at West Scranton Intermediate School.

A financial shot in the arm from the state isn’t a cure for the long-term needs of the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District, Guy Parmigian, superintendent, is cautioning residents of the Ottawa County district. As executive director of operations, Bauman assists the superintendent in providing leadership in developing, achieving and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services.

The board opted Monday night to have the city issue the request for proposals for the design of two elementary schools – George Mason and E.S.H. Fletcher proposed to cut the increase by $253,000 more and have taxpayers pay $300,000.

The Troy Community School District 30-C school board recently approved school boundary changes for two schools.

The Ohio Department of Taxation approved FirstEnergy’s request past year for the property devaluation of its Davis-Besse plant and Perry Nuclear Power Plant.

The district is still waiting on clarification from the state on the number of resource officers they’re required to have under the school safety act.

Council Chairman Steve Russell asked why Fletcher was putting the entire increase – which originally would have resulted in a 0.86 percent tax rate increase – exclusively on the back of the school department.

Last May, the state sued two former Superintendent William Pfister and Assistant Superintendent Richard Sopko to repay almost $850,000 in salary and annuity payments it said both improperly collected over 15 years – with some early payments dating back to 1999.

In case future winters bring as many snow days as the current one, the board voted to add a clarification to the 2018-19 school calendar.

“By authorizing a lawsuit against those who defrauded the Vigo County School Corporation, the school corporation seeks to recoup the public funds unlawfully taken that were for student’s education. the school corporation also seeks to send a message to those who would consider defrauding public institutions”.

However, Nikki Moore, staff attorney and legislative advocate with the California Newspaper Publishers Association, said while teleconferencing is permissible and not a violation of state open meetings laws, it can be seen as a way for trustees to “avoid public scrutiny” and proceedings “lose an element of our participatory democracy” when a participant is not physically present. Chairman Donna Whittington expressed similar feelings and said part of the board of supervisors supported the resolution and part didn’t. Of that overage, $1.5 million is for operational expenses and $1.2 is for the high school debt service.