‘Beauty and the Beast’ dances off with top box-office spot

The updated songs (also present in the original film) such as the titular masterpiece “Beauty and the Beast” or the ever-favorite “Be Our Guest” are incredibly faithful to the original versions and lose none of their original charm. Whether it’s Watson’s spot-on portrayal of Belle, McGregor and McKellan’s hilarious banter, or Stevens’ aloofness, there is something to love in nearly every character this remake has to offer. Luke Evans (“Dracula Untold”) is the mild and benign villain, Gaston, whose sidekick LeFou is played by the slightly humorous Josh Gad (Olaf in “Frozen”). “Fox saw that they had the goods with “Martian” and moved it away from its original Thanksgiving launch date.”, Mr. D’Alessandro wrote at the time.

Lastly, this weekend may have even gone so far as to validate Disney’s live-action remakes as a whole. There are truly attractive homages to filmmaking of yesteryear in this movie.

“Of course whenever we have the transformation from an animated character to a real person, people will talk, “Oh he doesn’t look enough like the character in the animated film”. It’s a breath of fresh air for those hoping to bring their children up in a world where everyone is accepted. We both loved the movie, though we could have done without the incessant kicking of our chairs. We learn that the enchantress cursed the townspeople, too, causing them to forget that the prince, the castle, and its inhabitants ever existed. In this live action, the Beast is actually given a new solo song which I really loved. There were times when I heard significant lines in the new version that I would remember from the old one. This was slightly under the projections and I’m predicting around $50 million domestically for this film.

I also feel surprised that The LEGO Batman Movie held on this long. Take the entire family out to see this modern gem. Although the curse isn’t lifted for years, the Beast and his servants seem to be the same age when it is reversed as they were when they were first placed under it.

Disney’s animated classic, “Beauty and the Beast”, is back with Emma Watson as Belle, and Dan Stevens as the Beast. Although this choice (which included a slight change in the plot) received mixed reviews when it was announced, it has actually received much positive feedback from fans over the weekend.

So I went with my friend Marcy. However, Power Rangers had the better screen average – $5,811 to Life’s $5,078. Well, that may be a little rough.

That may be an arbitrary milestone, but it’s worth noting as every studio chases their comic book and fantasy cinematic universes that Beauty and the Beast is going to top almost every superhero movie ever made here and worldwide.

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