Bears sign QB Mike Glennon

To some fans’ dismay, the Chicago Bears have a new starting quarterback.

Okay, so it’s just the first day of free agency.

For all the headlines and the fanfare that greeted Glennon’s arrival, his departure from Chicago could come so soon. He signed a guy in Mike Glennon whose record, 5-13, supposedly speaks “starter”. Why do they work for some and not for others. This statement was made 4 years ago however there’s nothing wrong with digging up some positive feedback from one of the NFL’s brightest minds. No, they can not get a fourth round pick and develop him.

Armed with more than $66 million in salary-cap space and determined to make Winston and an improved offense even more productive, the Bucs didn’t settle on the first day of National Football League agency for simply adding a much-needed No. 2 receiver. I’m more confident in my abilities. He beat out Josh Freeman for the starting job as a rookie, then lost his position to Josh McCown a season later. When he threw up a lofty pass to Alshon Jeffery or Brandon Marshall or Devin Hester or Johnny Knox or Martellus Bennett, there was a good chance a spectacular play was about to happen.

The Bears also let Jeffery leave for Philadelphia at the start of yet another offseason overhaul at Halas Hall. Thumb and shoulder injuries limited him to five games.

I hope I’m proved wrong, but I don’t think Glennon is the long-term answer at quarterback.

I definitely will lead by example and I am planning on helping out in any way I can whether it is leadership or obviously making plays on the field, .

“I played a lot of slot in Pittsburgh”. The deal was structured such that it would’ve been impossible to cut him early without eating loads of dead money. The Bears now have Cameron Meredith as their top wide receiver. It is likely that he will be just a game manager where he does just enough to keep the team in games. Meredith had an eye-opening season in 2016, however.

This is a franchise that needs to look in the mirror and realize they just don’t have the talent to compete. He eventually signed with New England.

The GIlmore situation really hurt. Account for inflation and say Watson’s slotted deal is worth $7 million per year. He’ll still cost the Bears $2 million against the cap this season. The Chiefs are paying Alex Smith an average of $17 million per year, and Andy Dalton is getting $16 million per year from the Bengals.

From a negotiating standpoint, the Bears paid more than they had to, and more than the market said they should, and that’s not an ideal result.

Although Glennon didn’t take many game reps the past two seasons, he still feels that he improved as a quarterback.

The Jets have been mentioned as one possibility, with his former QB coach there.

Mike Glennon will sign a $14.5 million deal with the Bears