AP SPIN METER: Was Trump joking on health care?

Hey, this will be easy! There are debates on whether or not it was Trump or Ryan that ultimately made the call to pull the bill. Maybe because Americans – who mostly get health insurance through their employers – don’t mind that 20 million of the less privileged among us can finally afford health care. And trying to create a herd of them would likely create another set of problems for Team Trump.

No one else is joining Walsh in leaving the White House, spokesman Sean Spicer said. But the House Republican bill also included a hugely expensive tax credit. That means President Trump should look for new Democratic dance partners, a certain breed of hopeful centrist pundit will tell you. After all, the idea that Democratic policies are doing more harm than good to the nation’s health care system was more or less a plank in the GOP party platform for the past seven years. White House chief of staff Reince Priebus on Sunday said such a package could include middle-class tax cuts. “There is no one better suited to fulfill this role than Katie”.

The Republicans in Congress failed on health-care reform. For example, Trump promised on day one of his presidency to label China a currency manipulator, a move he argues would force China to adhere to the same currency standards the United States does and thus make the trade playing field more even. He then went as far as demanding a vote on a bill that appeared to lack a majority to pass.

“The opposition was very well-organized”, said Republican strategist Alex Conant. But he’s not going to get cooperation on health care, immigration reform, or extra help filling out the many vacancies in his administration.

It’s hard to imagine the White House would see a benefit in moving to the center on policy and strategy to pick up five votes.

In the hours and days after President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., chose to pull a GOP-crafted measure aimed at repealing and replacing the Obama administration’s 2010 health law, the chief executive and his top aides signaled the effort was dead. When Ryan realized Friday that the bill would fail, he pulled it without a vote.

While analysts caution that much can happen between now and 2018 – and that it’s always risky betting against Trump and his ability to shake things up and turn things around in his favor – a turnover in control of the House in 2018 would have a devastating impact on Trump and the Republicans and limit their ability to get anything passed in the future without Democratic support.

At the same time, Speaker Paul Ryan said he wanted to address defunding Planned Parenthood via a special budgetary process that would require only 51 votes, now the Republicans have 52 senators. Mr. Trump had issued an ultimatum last Thursday to recalcitrant Republicans to fall in line behind a broad health insurance overhaul or see their opportunity to repeal the Affordable Care Act vanish. “If it’s not originating in the White House, it’s not our fight, it’s their fight”. They wanted to strip the measure of key safeguards requiring insurers to cover health care essentials – emergency services, wellness visits, rehabilitative services, maternity care, addiction treatment and mental health care. The group also tweeted about health care and did a small digital buy supporting the bill. His seeming hedge on the bill made it tough for the pro-Trump groups to know what to do, their directors argued.

Meanwhile, numerous tax proposals supported by the Republican health-care apostates favour the very interest groups Mr. Trump pilloried in his campaign, which was aimed primarily at lower-income Americans.

That is the question, when it comes to President Donald Trump’s comments about what comes next on health care. I said, you know, we had a dinner here about three weeks ago, and it was so handsome. “But at this time, at this time today, there are other things that we have on our priority list that we’re moving on to”.

US President Donald Trump says Democrats will 'make a deal#x27 with him to repeal and replace Obamacare