Amusing interview with stars of horror movie Alien: Covenant

More so than Prometheus, Covenant is focused on suspense and horror, and Scott stages some truly gruesome moments.

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT, a new chapter in his groundbreaking ALIEN franchise. “When we did ‘Prometheus, ‘ it was a more genteel way of easing back into it”. In one scene where he has to be serious, he says, “She was scared”. Most everybody dies horribly, but among the hardier, Waterston has a nice no-nonsense resignation, and Fassbender ably gives us android realness – and more.

I think the filmmakers rightfully seized on one of the MVPs from Prometheus in Michael Fassbender, but unfortunately building a whole film around him was ultimately damaging to the overall story of Alien: Covenant. She joins the Prometheus expedition, who follow the star map and land on a distant moon where they discover the Engineers – the alien race who created humanity – but they’re not almost as benevolent as she’d hoped, as they plan on destroying life on Earth. They’ll soon fight to survive and escape the planet before it’s too late.

Again, there are thrills in “Covenant”, the name of the ship with a crew of 15 carrying 2,000-plus sleeping people to a planet that’s been heavily researched and decided upon as an environment that looks to be ideal for a new colony.

Well, Ridley, I have news for you; it was better than this regurgitated round. The world the Alien movies inhabit is terrifying and helpless. Instead, Scott opts to build dread and anticipated fear through a sinister story and characterizations – the mark of any good film. There’s a introductory scene at the beginning of Covenant that explains David’s creation by the Weyland Corp – i.e. there are various portions of Alien: Covenant that take place before and after Prometheus – then he reappears later on, having recovered from his decapitation at the end of Prometheus. Well, more than 20 JCB machines – JCB skid steer loaders, Loadall telescopic handlers, and JS excavators – are co-starring with Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston in the movie.

Some of the similarities which easily come to mind are in the names. In fact, there was nearly no room for any of the human characters in Alien: Covenant. So. now that we have a family to battle it’s like if we have to look at ourselves and join forces as the family that we are.

We grew an infinite attachment to Ripley thanks to her kick-ass heroism against the horrifyingly hostile creatures which played out in four characteristic stages. As intense as numerous violent confrontations are, there’s nothing as viscerally unsettling as the self-administered alien abortion in Prometheus. The Aliens themselves are cool, too.

The most disappointing thing about Alien: Covenant is that after that leaden prologue, things start out pretty well, elegantly mirroring the original film with a starship crew awoken from hyper-sleep to investigate a mysterious cry for help.

As a continuation, this movie worked well. Fans of the franchise were not happy about that “Alien” movie with very little in the way of aliens.

Select members of the crew make you want this mission to go right, although everything you know about Alien tells you it’s about to go terribly wrong.

Once on the new planet, they make two unsafe discoveries.

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