Almost 200 refugees die while channel Mediterranean Sea


As per as new news from United Nation Refugee Agency, roughly 200 people have died while channel a Mediterranean Sea nearby Libya.

The news from a UN Refugee Agency explains that any year thousands of people die while channel a sea and this year a count has reached some-more than 4000. But final year, it was really low as compared to this year.

Seeing a new occurrence in that around 200 people died, a ships weren’t really distant from a seaside when this comfortless occurrence happen.

As per as latest report, usually 29 people are discovered by a rescuing team.

In starting of 2016, UN had warned a refugees about a risk of channel sea this year though it doesn’t seem that people have taken this seriously.

However, some-more than 300,000 refugees have crossed a stitch safely.

Seeing 2015 stats, some-more than 100,000 people trafficked opposite a sea and usually 1000 people died in such accidents.

Now, as per as news submitted by Carlotta Sami, there were usually tiny ships for loading people from one finish to another. And in this case, 140 people were aboard in any ship, including children and women.

Total 29 people usually managed to save by a rescuing group and roughly 12 passed bodies have also been taken out.

Unfortunately, there is no any correct explanations what causing such accidents. Few people advise about technical faults in their boat as means while few other groups suggested that due a bad continue it all happened.