Afghanistan calls for peace as United States refuses to pull-out

Pakistan on Thursday said India can not be a “net security provider” in the South Asia region when it has “conflictual relationships” with its neighbours, days after President Donald Trump vowed to boost America’s strategic partnership with India in Afghanistan.

Observing that the USA gives the Pakistani government substantial security aid, the official said, and in return receive, at best, “indifference to border crossing and terrorist safe havens and sanctuaries” in Pakistan s tribal regions along the Afghan border.

Khalilzad also said the United States should impose sanctions against senior officials in the Pakistani military and intelligence services who play a direct role in supporting terrorists and extremists.

“Scapegoating Pakistan will not help in stabilizing Afghanistan”, the committee said, according to a statement issued by the premier’s office. The current scenario calls for a rethink of our foreign policy both regional and global in view of our interests and future alignments so that our welfare and security does not depend on others policies, but their policies driven by Pakistan’s importance and standing in the region.

His comments came a day after President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of giving refuge to terrorists.

The US will condition future support for Pakistan “on them delivering results in this area”, Tillerson said.

And while the President is continuing past pressure on Pakistan, he and Tillerson are taking a much more public route with USA complaints over Islamabad’s ties to terror groups.

Reversing his past calls for a speedy exit, President Donald Trump recommitted the United States to the 16-year-old war in Afghanistan, declaring USA troops must “fight to win”.

Modi government can not be unaware of the fact that India getting involved in Afghan war will prove costly for India, in view of the Afghan ground conditions and the guerilla type of war carried out by the talibans. Pakistan should review its foreign policy towards America and Afghanistan. The Pakistani people have suffered greatly from terrorism and extremism. Pakistan has also endorsed and supported all Afghan owned and Afghan led initiatives for peace.

He also called on Afghanistan’s leadership to shed its ethnic differences and embrace each other. Moreover, successful cooperation with the United States in the past against the common enemy, terrorism, reflects Pakistan’s unflinching commitment to eliminate this menace.

At the time, my friends and political associates in the USA were horrified that someone who had supported Senator Bernie Sanders was asking them to vote for Trump. It has pledged about Dollars 3 billion since 2001. “It is time to begin a process, a lengthy process, of reconciliation and a peace accord in Afghanistan”, he said.

Talking to The News, ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry said Pakistan desires peace and stability in Afghanistan as peace in Kabul is good for the entire region.

Michael Kugelman