4 things to know about Equal Pay Day

Chelsea Clinton took a more political approach to the issue of equal pay, criticizing the Trump administration.

The WEF has previously said that with current trends it will take 70 more years to close the gendered wage gap, and 170 years to achieve economic equality between men and women.

The bill which was presented to Iceland’s parliament on Tuesday, would hold both the private and public sector to account over the pay gap. In 2016, the median annual earnings for women in Erie County working full-time were $40,610 versus $50,966 for men doing the same work.

Equal Pay Day symbolizes the date when women’s wages finally catch up to what men were paid in the previous year.

“Boston thrives when women and men have an equal playing field”, Walsh said in a statement.

Jean Dowding, Kent County Development Chair for the organization Fund For Women, tells 47ABC it’s imperative to never forget what Equal Pay Day commemorates.

Research suggests on a national scale, women make 80 cents for every dollar a man earns. “[What ] a man earns [by] December 31, it takes the woman until April 4 to catch up to what they made”.

Amy Joy Patterson, a third-year psychology major, said gender equality would help the stability of society. As the study shows, the states with the largest pay gaps for Black women are MS and Louisiana.

The survey of 4,700 employees and 145 employers also found that 44 per cent of female employee respondents believe men and women receive equal pay, compared to 58 per cent of male employee respondents.

Despite Iceland’s persistent efforts achieve equal pay for both genders, the 17 percent pay gap is exactly the same as the gender pay gap in the USA, according to a Pew Research poll released this week.

So one cookie at a time and one day at a time these students are hoping to empower women, start the conversation and bring about change.

Rally organizers say because women are now fifty percent of the workforce in Minnesota, families continue to suffer because of the wage gap.

Erie County Exective Mark Poloncarz talks fair pay on National Equal Pay Day