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New EnVision Mission Will Study Venus Alongside NASA Probes

Planets like Mars and Jupiter have been the target of numerous high-profile robotic missions in the last few years, but Venus is starting to get the attention it...

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Dark Matter Could Solve the Mystery of Supermassive Black Hole Formation

New cosmological research from the University of California Riverside connects two of the universe’s most perplexing phenomena: supermassive black holes and dark...

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Adobe Begins a Much-Needed Overhaul of Premiere Pro’s UI

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is one of those applications that elicits groans from many users. On the one hand, it is one of the most powerful and popular video editing tools...

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15 Awesome Deals That Are Actually Better Than Amazon’s Prime Day Sale

Upgrade your home or your life with these must-have tech deals, on sale at prices better than Amazon for a limited time only. Check out these 15 deals below to snag a...

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Far Beyond the Stars: Improving Motion, Image Quality in the DS9 Upscale Project

It’s been nine months since my last Deep Space Nine Upscale Project update, where I am using various AI-based tools to remaster Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The methods...

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