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Scientists Rename Genes So Excel Won’t Reformat Them as Dates

Microsoft Excel is an incredibly powerful program that’s just as essential in a laboratory as it is in the average office. However, scientists have had just about...

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How to Install Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine

There are a lot of practical reasons to set up an OS like Windows 10 in a VM rather than using it as a native installation. If you have to deal with files you can’t...

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President Trump Signs Ban on TikTok, WeChat

President Trump has signed an executive order declaring that both TikTok and WeChat will be banned in the United States within 45 days. At the same time, Secretary of...

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Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Taiwanese Semiconductor Companies

A presentation at the Black Hat (virtual) Security Conference this week revealed details of a number of hacking operations aimed at the Taiwanese semiconductor industry....

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Adobe Apps Can Be Rough Without A Roadmap. Thankfully, Your Guide Is Here

The Adobe Creative Cloud is exciting, comprehensive and intimidating all at the same time. With nearly two dozen apps aimed at servicing all manner of creative projects,...

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