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Astronomers Spot Gargantuan ‘X-ray Chimneys’ in the Center of Our Galaxy

The monster black hole that anchors our galaxy is safely 28,000 light years away from Earth. That’s a good thing, too. The region around that back hole is overflowing...

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Larger, Hybrid Optical CPUs Could Eclipse Silicon Designs

Researchers have discovered a new method of potentially integrating optical interconnects at the chip level. If successful, such an approach could theoretically allow...

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Hands On With Seagate’s New IronWolf 110 SSDs

SSDs have been an option for NAS devices for a while. But until now there haven’t been any available to consumers that are optimized for use in a NAS. Seagate...

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For $70K, Sony Builds a 98-inch, 8K OLED TV for the Ruling Classes

The cutting edge of television technology will cost you seventy large. Sony has settled on a price of $69,999.99 — they couldn’t round up? — for the 98-inch Sony...

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iFixit: The Samsung Galaxy Fold is ‘Alarmingly Fragile’

Last week, Samsung shipped out the first Galaxy Fold units to reviewers. This week, it recalled those units and announced it would hold off on shipping the phone until...

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