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A Vanished Martian Oasis Holds Clues to How the Red Planet Dried Out

The prevailing scientific wisdom on Mars, based on information gathered by the Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity rovers, as well as via multiple orbiting satellites, is...

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Pocket Perfect: New Analogue FPGA Handheld Promises Flawless Retro Gaming

If you pay attention to the retro gaming scene, chances are you’ve heard of Analogue. The company builds gorgeous, FPGA-powered retro gaming systems that exploit the...

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Wearables for Christ: Vatican Launches New ‘Click to Pray eRosary’

The Vatican has announced a new initiative to launch a unique wearable into the secular world: the eRosary. The Click To Pray eRosary (that’s the actual name) is...

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Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Reportedly Thwarted By Cheap Screen Protector

Samsung debuted a new fingerprint reader technology with the Galaxy S10 that uses ultrasonic waves to scan your finger. It sounds cool, certainly, but it may not be as...

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MIT Helps Robots Adjust Grip With New Algorithms

You might not notice how easily you can shift your grip while picking up an object, but robotics engineers think about that a lot. Even the most sophisticated mechanized...

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