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SpaceX Plans Imminent High-Altitude Starship Test

SpaceX is preparing for the next major milestone in the development of its next-gen Starship spacecraft. Following a successful static fire test this week, SpaceX CEO...

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NASA Probe Returns Amazing Image of Venus

NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe in 2018, but the spacecraft just returned an amazing shot of Venus from its most recent flyby. According to NASA, Parker spotted a...

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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Delayed Because CDPR Employees Can’t Use Their PCs

CDPR has already announced that its upcoming major February patch for Cyberpunk 2077 would be pushed back some weeks as a result of the ransomware attack the company has...

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EA Will ‘Allow’ BioWare to Pull Dragon Age 4’s Unnecessary Multiplayer

Earlier this week, news broke that saddened the hearts of at least a few dozen people: The moderately-awaited overhaul to BioWare’s Anthem, dubbed Anthem Next, will...

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Framework Unveils Modular Laptop Coming This Summer 2021

User-expandable, customizable laptops have been a holy grail of computing for a long time, but they’ve remained more fiction than reality. Intel’s NUC laptop line...

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