Business News

An Actual Hamster is Making Bank With Cryptocurrency

Crypto is absolutely lousy with memes: meme stocks, memes about stocks, and, inevitably,...

Science News

We Might Be Able to Nuke Asteroids to Save the Planet After All

For years, the conventional wisdom has been that you can’t just nuke an incoming asteroid to save the planet, no matter what Hollywood movies have told you. The logic...

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Recently Added

A Garbage Piece of Gaming History is Up For Auction

Image by Robrady DesignHeritage Auctions has announced that it will auction a genuine piece of gaming history — albeit a scammy, non-functional piece that wasn’t...

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The Best Tech for Teaching in our New, Hybrid World

Image Credit: Brian WandellAfter a year of learning how to teach entirely over Zoom, this year many of us are learning how to teach using a hybrid model. That typically...

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Amazon Copied Sellers’ Products, Manipulated Algorithms to Display Their Own Versions First

(Photo: Anirudh/Unsplash)They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but for businesses that sell on Amazon, it can be the difference between success and ruin....

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Astronomers Find First-Ever Planet Orbiting Dead Star

Humanity has existed for 300,000 years, give or take a millennium. That might sound like a long time when the average human lives at most a few decades, but it’s...

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