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A Rare, Ultra-Bright Star Has Disappeared Without a Trace

Stars can do a lot of things. They can get warmer, expand, explode, and even collapse into a black hole. They can not, as a rule, simply disappear. However, that’s...

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Astronomers Have Discovered the First Exposed Planetary Core

Most of what we know about planetary cores is conjecture, on account of the fact that we live on top of ours and have extremely limited access to all of the others....

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Intel Forced to Suspend Sales to Inspur, China’s Largest AI and Server Vendor

Intel has been ordered by the US government to cease product shipments to the largest server company you’ve probably never heard of. Inspur isn’t quite as large as...

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GameGuru Lets None-Coders Create Glorious Video Games and It’s On Sale For Just $30

Whether you’re playing video games on a PC, a mobile device or a console, the important point is that you’re playing. That’s music to the ears of an industry...

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Google Discontinues the Pixel 3a, Still Won’t Release the 4a

Google’s popular Pixel 3a has been sold out on the Google Store lately, and now we know why. The company has confirmed that it has discontinued the Pixel 3a, so...

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