Business News

Maker of smart garage door opener bricks customer’s device in retaliation for negative review

The essential function of a door is to be closed when you want it closed and open when...

Science News

This Week in Space: Metal on Mars, Hydrogen Inside Enceladus, and a Meteoric Near-Miss

We didn’t get pasted by that asteroid that sailed through Wednesday, which is arguably a good thing. Discovered in 2014, it was due to pass by Earth at a close but...

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Recently Added

ESA: Time to Get Serious About Removing Space Junk

Humanity has been shooting things into space for a few decades now, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. What we haven’t gotten so good at is bringing things back...

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United Airlines doctor dragged off flight begins legal action

He pledged a full review of the circumstances, and said: “No one should be mistreated this way”. It certainly appears that proper protocols were not followed,...

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Catalonians out of Champions League after 0-0 draw with Juve

“What the fans did at the end was a homage to what this team has been, what it is. a team that was going for every title, which has never relaxed and accepted every...

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Jeremy Corbyn vows to tackle ‘rigged system’ in battle with ‘Establishment’

If May does win so many seats it would be the biggest election victory for a Conservative leader since 1983 when Margaret Thatcher beat Labour’s Michael Foot to win a...

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