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Chinese Fusion Reactor Gets 6 Times Hotter Than the Sun

Scientists around the world have been trying for decades to recreate the unfathomable power of the sun here on Earth, and a team in China has managed to best our local...

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Microsoft May Launch Xbox One Without a Disc Drive

Console gaming is more complicated than it used to be. Time was, you’d slam a new disc or cartridge in your machine, and you’d be playing in moments. Today, most...

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Nvidia Stock Plummets on High Inventory Fears

Nvidia stocks plummeted on Friday after the company released its earnings report. The company has, as of this writing, lost about 16 percent of its previous valuation....

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Nintendo: Don’t Expect an N64 Classic Edition

Nintendo feigned surprise in 2016 when people flooded the internet with complaints about the limited supply of NES Classic consoles. The company ended production after...

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ET Deals: Enjoy Science Fiction and Erotic Comics from Top Cow for Just $1

Want to expand your comic book horizons? Right now, you can pick up more than $750 worth of multi-format digital comics from the folks at Top Cow. • Humble Comics...

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