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Scientists Find Material in Meteorite Older Than the Solar System Itself

When we talk about extremely “old” things on Earth, that usually means a few billion years old. After all, Earth itself is only about four and a half billion years...

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London Police Deploy Controversial Facial Recognition Cameras

Facial recognition technology is more widespread than ever — many people have phones in their pockets that use advanced sensors and algorithms to make sure no one else...

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MIT Uses AI to Create Updated Street Maps from Satellite Imagery

We’ve all been there — your GPS says there’s supposed to be a turn coming up, and you trust the machine. Then, you find yourself going the wrong way or stuck on a...

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Microsoft Shows Off UI Designs for Dual-Screen Windows 10X

Microsoft is showing off ideas for its upcoming dual-screen devices that will run Windows 10X. Normally we don’t talk much about things like design UI at ET, but a...

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Intel May Have Pulled PCIe 4.0 Support for Comet Lake

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the upcoming desktop Comet Lake chips, which are expected to feature Hyper-Threading across all products and a maximum of 10 cores on...

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