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This Week in Space: Metal on Mars, Hydrogen Inside Enceladus, and a Meteoric Near-Miss

We didn’t get pasted by that asteroid that sailed through Wednesday, which is arguably a good thing. Discovered in 2014, it was due to pass by Earth at a close but...

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This Video Explains How Marilyn Monroe Inspired Twin Peaks

Ronette’s flashback “May the Giant Be With You, ‘ Episode 201 Twin Peaks got away with showing a lot of scary, violent imagery on a broadcast network, especially...

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US President Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia

Saudi officials have told the White House that King Salman will publicly say it’s the responsibility of leaders throughout the Middle East to defeat radical ideology...

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Trump to ask Muslims: Drive out terrorists

But with Trump’s hawkish political profile, and the first lady’s insider position in the world of fashion, buzz around what the president’s wife would wear and...

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Woodward on Trump firing Comey: ‘This is not yet Watergate’

“We’ve seen this movie before”, McCain said, according to CNN’s Ana Navarro. [Image by Henry Burroughs/AP Images] Tape recorders were discovered in Nixon’s...

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