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The Pixel 2 XL’s Screen Isn’t Bad, We’re Just Getting Picky

Google’s new Pixel phones are finally shipping to consumers, and almost all the reviews agree the phones are fantastic. However, there’s one substantial point of...

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Leaves Up to 30GB in Installation Files

Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update (FCU) dropped earlier this week, to generally positive reviews. The new OS version isn’t a radical change from the previous...

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Intel May Deploy AVX-512 in Upcoming 10nm Cannon Lake CPUs

When Intel launched Skylake-SP (aka the Core X-series) earlier this year, one of the major features of the product family, in addition to a revamped L2 cache structure,...

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Blue Origin’s Successful Engine Test Fire Puts SpaceX on Notice

Up until now, the majority of ongoing US-based rocket coverage has focused on SpaceX. There are multiple reasons for that, ranging from the company’s groundbreaking...

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